Daily Schedule

We have 7 groups of campers and a grade range of 10 school years.  This means that there will be groups of blends in ages and in grades.  This is not like school, and if a camper is in the same group it does NOT MEAN they styayed back.  It means there will be other kids in this group their age, and there may be another group with campers their age too.   Please note we take many things into account when making our groups.  Kids are kids and the counselors and instructors work hard to differentiate activities so that everyone has a great time.  Campers are not guarenteed to be placed in a ceratin group and the final decision of the groups will be made my the Camp Directors.  


Goslings- Campers who are headed into  Kindergarten, or 1st grade

Ducklings -Campers who are headed into 1st grade, or 2nd grade

Chickadees-Campers who are headed into 2nd or 3rd grade

Finches- Campers who are headed into 3rd grade and 4th grade

Cardinals- Campers who are headed into 4th and 5th grade

Meadowlarks- Campers who are headed into 6th and 7th grade

Hawks- Campers who have finished 7th or 8th grade

CIT 1- Campers who have finished 8th grade and who have finished one or 2 years in the Hawk program and have shown leadership qualities. Their counselors will recommend a camper for the CIT program after 1 year or in some cases their 2nd year as a Hawk.  They will participate as a Hawk Camper in the morning and a will become a Counselor in Training in the afternoon.

CIT 2- This is an invitation only program where campers who have shown outstanding leadership and have excelled as a CIT 1. are invited to join our CIT 2 program. The camper fees are covered by The Greenfield Kiwanis Club.  We will hire future Junior Counselors from this program.  Please note that becoming a CIT 2 does not guarantee employment by camp.  There simply is not the turnover in counselors to guarantee jobs.  

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