About the Directors

Ron and Sherry Wood


      The Board of Directors of Camp Keep-wanee is pleased to announce that the Executive Directorship is in the experienced hands of a dynamic team of Ron and Sherry Wood.  Together they bring over 50 years of camp experience to Camp Keep-wanee.  Ron has directed camps in Vermont and Connecticut, before accepting Executive Co-Directorship of Camp Keep-wanee.  Sherry began at Camp Keep-wanee in 1987.  Together as a team, they began running Camp Keep-wanee in 2004. Every year they boast a waiting list to get into camp.

    Ron and Sherry are both educators and bring to the camp many years of experience in working with the youth of Franklin County.  Ron is a veteran Physical Education teacher in the Gill-Montague Elementary Schools. He taught in 3 boarding schools in New England and has vast experience with all ages of youth. Sherry is a veteran teacher with 30 over years of experience both as a classroom teacher and in coaching and teaching teachers. She is a beloved 3rd-grade teacher in Gill-Montague. Sherry is Responsive Classroom Consulting Teacher and a 2018 recipient of the Harold Grinspoon Pioneer Valley Excellence in Teaching Award and in 2007 Teacher of the Year award. 

     Their understanding of children’s growth and development, along with their commitment to sharing their love of Camp Keep-wanee with their campers, make these Executive Directors outstanding leaders for the camp


smileyCome let your children share the summer with Sherry and Ronsmiley

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